Axis surveillance ensures firefighter readiness

West Babylon, New York fire stations use Axis network cameras to keep an eye on critical equipment

“Our Axis network cameras help us keep a close watch on fire station activity – which deters volunteers from moving each others’ gear from its proper place or borrowing equipment off the trucks.“ Rich Vella, Commissioner for the West Babylon Fire District.


Because rapid response is so critical for a fire department, commissioners of the West Babylon fire district needed to put the lid on escalating incidents of misplaced equipment and careless handling of trucks that could impact firefighter efficiency. They wanted to install a surveillance system that would help them deter, detect and apprehend volunteers who disregarded firehouse safety procedures.


A+ Technology Solutions, a Bay Shore, NY-based security integration firm and Axis partner, designed and installed a surveillance solution that integrated more than 50 network cameras and a door access control system for all three district firehouses. Operating over a secure VPN, the fire chief and authorized staff monitor the video from the main firehouse boardroom through an intuitive DynaView video management system from IPVideo Corporation, an Axis application development partner. This centralized enterprise-class configuration saves the district the cost of maintaining and staffing separate monitoring stations in each firehouse.


With the cameras operating 24/7, the fire chief has been able to review archived video based on an estimated timeframe of when an incident was likely to have occurred. Because of the image clarity, the chief can easily identify anyone in the video frame and discover who was responsible. Fire commissioners have noted a significant drop in volunteers borrowing truck equipment without authorization and there have been dramatically fewer incidents of firefighting gear being stowed improperly.

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