Axis cameras improve safety and security for Mercury City Tower

ARMO-GROUP successfully employs complex security system for International Business Center tower in Moscow

“Implementation of complex security systems onto skyscraper towers that require a highest level of anti-terrorism protection. And video surveillance solutions represent an integral part of such security systems. Similar system based on Axis products and solutions was successfully created for Mercury City Tower, and it offers continuous monitoring, automatic security and highest safety.“ Tselina Oleg Grigorievich, Project Manager of the Mercury City Tower, Bilfinger HSG Facility Management Ltd.


All facilities included in the Moscow City International Business Center needed to meet the highest requirements of engineering, construction and operation as well as demonstrate compliance with strict requirements for complex safety and security, anti-terrorism legislations, fire safety and civil defense. In this case, the business center needed to employ a video surveillance solution as part of a complex security system for Mercury City Tower.


After extensive market research, integrator ARMO-GROUP decided to install an IP video surveillance system based on Axis video solutions. As Axis network cameras offer outstanding performance, functionality, easy integration with third party systems, flexible and easy setup, ARMO-GROUP got a real chance to create a complex security system with video surveillance supporting 900 IP channels. With Axis megapixel IP cameras offering progressive scan, a high quality HDTV image can be obtained, and this fact is very important in terms of positive identification and video analysis. All installed cameras are fitted with varifocal lenses, so the video system can be easily adapted and operated.


Safety and security of visitors and owners of Mercury City is ensured by qualified services and a highly reliable complex security system based on a single integrated platform incorporating intelligent video surveillance.

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