Goodyear, great image: Axis IP cameras show exactly who is at the gate

Network cameras with live monitoring deliver positive identification and improved access control at an Ontario tire plant

“What we had before was much less efficient, and the cameras were limited in terms of functionality. It was a no-win situation. [This implementation] has changed our security overnight. Now, we can really control who is in the plant and we know when they entered, what they did and when they left. And if someone did manage to sneak in, we can also prevent that truck from leaving, simply by keeping the gate closed.“ Larry Kimmerly, Security Manager, Goodyear Napanee.


The Goodyear Canada manufacturing plant in Napanee, Ontario, is a big operation. Covering almost 800,000 square feet, the plant produces approximately 1,900 tires daily, is open 365 days a year and has about 750 employees and contractors. With cartage companies, deliveries, visitors and staff coming and going, the main gate accommodates a great deal of traffic. Goodyear must approve every person who wishes to enter the property and monitor sensitive areas within the plant.


Goodyear opted to outsource its access control to security company Meglan Technologies. Integrator and Axis partner Forcefield Systems worked with Meglan to install AXIS 214 PTZ Network Cameras at the gate and in the plant. The gate video feed is sent wirelessly to be recorded at the plant, 0.5 km away, and to Meglan’s office, where it is monitored in real time and stored redundantly in the cloud. The installation also employs four-channel Axis video encoders to digitize existing analog cameras, custom outdoor servers, and a VMS system combining custom software and technology from Cogito, Milestone and Netshield, all integrated by an Averics system.


Prior to the upgrade, the quality of the security video did not allow Goodyear personnel to accurately identify people seeking entrance. The clear images delivered by the AXIS 214 PTZs enable Meglan staff to make positive identifications and view licence plates and identifying critical information on vehicles, such as company names. The system also supports forensic investigations, and video evidence has been successfully used by local police to thwart a province-wide theft ring.

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