Axis cameras secure construction sites of Irkutsk city

Reliable surveillance on Noviy Gorod construction sites provided by Axis IP cameras installed by Diamant

“Axis cameras provided an effective video surveillance solution for different applications and environments. With a wide selection of IP cameras, we got a great possibility for creating a general purpose video surveillance system with ultimate functional capabilities. Also, the solution is based on a single-vendor components, supports a single monitoring center and remote monitoring stations.“ Nikolay Petrovich Matveichuk, Deputy Chief Director, Economic Security, Noviy Gorod Financial & Construction Company.


The first goal of Noviy Gorod Financial & Construction Company, was to replace certain analog cameras that were used for access control in the company’s headquarters with an IP solution. The customer selected Diamant integrator for this mission. The second goal was to install a video surveillance system capable of ensuring perimeter security of construction sites, and finally, the last goal was to provide possibilities for sending investors video in real time in order for them to oversee construction progress.


Noviy Gorod Financial & Construction Company gave Diamant integrator the job of providing a small video surveillance system comprising five IP cameras. Qualified specialists from Diamant developed a cost-effective video solution based on AXIS M1011 Network Cameras with video storage capability. The next step was to ensure safety and security on the construction sites and launch video transmission over Internet for investors to make it possible for them to oversee construction progress. As the system was developed, a single monitoring center to control processes on construction sites located in different city districts and city areas was implemented.


The newly designed and installed video surveillance system was successfully integrated to an existing LAN. The new video surveillance system offers the following possibilities: video surveillance of visitors and personnel both in office and construction sites, overseeing objects under construction, overall exterior and interior surveillance without a need to make onsite visits; remote access from the monitoring center or anywhere worldwide. When events occur, the video solution makes it possible to quickly respond or view video recordings.

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