Supervisory capacity at Los Lagartos Country Club

Significantly improved security with modern, flexible IP video surveillance system

“The main advantage we have obtained is that our security staff can now work with a completely innovative tool as far as security video systems go, which is available 24 hours a day; this has allowed us to expand and enhance security services at the country club.“ Security Dept., Los Lagartos Country Club.


With its large surface area and concentrated sporting, social, and cultural activities, this country club found it necessary to install a modern, agile, and flexible video surveillance system that would: > Allow for real-time monitoring of events affecting security at access points, perimeters, and public areas to provide greater protection for critical areas of the country club > Perform video surveillance from a central monitoring room and facilitate remote access to images captured at various points throughout the facilities > Serve as an additional deterrent to crime that complemented other security systems > Allow for the retrieval of archived images for security audits


Camaras Overnet implemented the project and proposed a solution using Axis IP network video cameras, including fixed and PTZ dome cameras and an Axis IP Video Server to integrate existing analog and PTZ cameras. The system uses video management software from Netcamara SE, another Axis Development Partner.


The customer now can control, monitor, and save images captured by cameras at each of the sectors. Cameras Overnet suggested that the solution architecture should be installed in a centralized fashion (several locations managed from one central operating point). This means that live and recorded images from any camera can be accessed from the control center, providing the system an enormous supervisory capacity. The level of security at the country club has been significantly improved, which is reflected in a better quality of life.

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