Tzen’s Mochi: Online management of security key to dispute resolution and business reputation protection

“Tzen’s Mochi needed the network surveillance technology that supports the company’s ongoing growth, while a wide variety of product selections provided by Axis and the touch control interface of Axis network cameras effectively helped us accelerate our search for specific videos to timely obtain evidences, resolve disputes, and protect our reputation.“ Dong Chunlong, Chairman of Tzen’s Mochi.


The Hualien-based Tzen’s Mochi, whose business is booming, needed to rapidly resolve its retail checkout issues and ensure the transparency of transactions between its kitchen and suppliers in order to protect its reputation. Relying on advanced network video technologies, the company easily achieved its goals of circumspect protection and management effectiveness.


Stark Technology Inc., an Axis distributor, proposed Axis network cameras to Tzen’s Mochi; Axis network cameras meet various needs on different business premises. The Axis network cameras for Tzen’s Mochi, supported by Aimetis Symphony’s video management platform, provide complete protection for Tzen’s shops and kitchen. 100 Axis HDTV network cameras have been set up at Tzen’s Mochi, and the models include AXIS M1143-L, AXIS M1054, AXIS M3006-V, AXIS M3007-PV, AXIS P3354, AXIS P3364-V, AXIS Q1604, and AXIS M3005-V.


Tzen’s Mochi is now able to spend only 10% of the time that was required in the past to access specific videos and resolve checkout issues quickly. As a result, the efficiency of customer complaint processing at retail outlets has been significantly enhanced while transactions with suppliers have become more transparent. Managers of different departments are also able to use smartphones or tablets to remotely monitor what is happening in their areas and rapidly identify false alarms, considerably strengthening the efficiency of security management with mobile devices.

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