Axis cameras in the biggest open pit in Europe

OJSC Kazatskaya Strela and IQ Trading offer a CCTV system based on Axis equipment for Poltavsky GOK (PGOK)

“We are pleased with operation of the new system. It has solved the assigned tasks completely. Using IP surveillance, we can monitor the entire enterprise territory. The high quality equipment allows the operator overview of courses of manufacture, the usage of PTZ cameras gives a possibility to control the entire perimeter of the enterprise, and permanent archive maintenance provides complete information for further event analysis.“ Vladimir Dmitrov. Leading Engineer of JSC Poltavsky GOK.


The Administration of Poltavsky GOK was assigned the task of strengthening enterprise operations control. In order to prevent fraud as well as to follow the safety rules and increase in labor discipline, a decision for the installation of a modern video surveillance system was taken.


In the beginning of the project, the customer tested several Axis cameras in normal job mode. Such testing brought to light the applicability and border conditions of practical application of particular devices as well as provided the basis for enterprise safety concept development. The next step was development of a system working project which took into account all technological and business processes within the combine of complementary industrial plants. For each work station and for each area requiring special control, not only camera placement locations but also functionality was calculated. The basic arguments in favor of selection of Axis network cameras were high functionality meeting the project requirements; ease of installation of network cameras and perfect quality of the products. Axis equipment allowed for building a complex geographically-distributed video surveillance system with minimum labor effort. The wide range of technical solutions, ease of installation and simplicity of operation of cameras became the determinant for the customer.


The implemented system solved the assigned tasks completely. Due to the carefully specified project, the entire enterprise territory is now under control, at that the IP system customization allows for correction of installations depending on relevant objectives. As a consequence, each production process is under continual overview.

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