Axis cameras employed by Melpomene, the muse of music, song and dance

Baltic Media Company offers a unique interactive system from Axis in the Alexandrinsky Theater in Russia

“Engineering and implementation of the new Alexandrinsky Theater was made possible with the high functionality of AXIS Q6035 and AXIS P3346 Network Cameras.“ A. Kononov, IT-Technologies Advisor of the Alexandrinsky Theater.


Aleksandrinsky Theater entrusted the installer with an important task – to create a unique vision-based system accomplishing two purposes at once. The first purpose was creation of an interactive system combining several stage floors into a united production space. The second purpose was diametrically opposite in its idea but fully technologically compatible with the first one: live steaming of performances to viewers. Moreover, the live steaming had to be able to offer the viewer an opportunity to see all of the action rather than an ordinary video providing only a rough idea of the performance.


Based on the above tasks, it was obvious that the system being created should provide delay-free high quality video image transmission in real-time mode, be easy to handle and make it possible to set transmission parameters flexibly and operationally. The customer opted for AXIS Q6035 and AXIS P3346 Network Cameras, AXIS T8310 control panels as well as AXIS T8311 joysticks. The basic arguments for selection of equipment for the theater administration were high image quality and the possibility of multistream broadcasting. The choice was also influenced by simplicity of interface, the possibility of remote variation in view angle as well as operational comfort while working with Axis PTZ cameras.


The result of meticulous work of the theater staff and the integrator, Baltic Media Company, was creation of an interactive vision-based system capable of allowing the creative professionals of the theater to produce unique scene action that has now been available for Russian viewers since May 2013.

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