Increased safety and security with Axis network cameras

Axis network cameras contribute to better monitoring in Kjell & Company’s stores

“Since Axis network cameras are high quality and compatible with all IT systems, we can rely on a future-proof solution.“ Martin Knutson, IT Director at Kjell & Company.


Kjell & Company is Sweden’s fourth fastest growing brand name in the Swedish retail sector. Its number of stores during the 2004 to 2009 period has increased from 9 to 46. Kjell & Company’s stores have over 7,000 items in stock, and well-functioning surveillance is certainly needed in order to ensure safety and security for the personnel. Kjell & Company was looking for a costeffective system with great flexibility and the best possible image quality.


Kjell & Company evaluated a number of video surveillance systems and came to the conclusion that network cameras from Axis Communications met the company’s requirements best. The AXIS P3301 Network Camera was chosen. A Kjell & Company store has, on average, 7-8 cameras for surveillance of the check-out area, entrances and exits, as well as the store grounds and the store room. The IP-based cameras from Axis were connected to Kjell & Company’s existing network and IT system, a solution which has many advantages including easy installation, scalability, and the ability to move the cameras around easily.


Axis’ surveillance cameras improve security when handling cash and this in turn increases the safety for those who work in the stores. The use of digital technology makes for considerably better image quality, and when incidents occur, they can be resolved more easily than with analog systems. Kjell & Company now deploys this state-of-the-art IP surveillance system in all its new stores opened each year, and gradually replaces older systems in existing stores.

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