Espasa dealerships monitored using Axis cameras

Implementation of IP camera networks at eleven retail branches

“The quality of Axis camera images is excellent—far superior to other cameras we’ve tested. The same can be said about accessing the cameras online; the video is continuous and there are no cuts.“ Carlos Fraguio, Espasa IT Manager.


Espasa is an official Volkswagen and Audi dealer that has seven sales outlets and four service and parts centers. The customer needed to implement a video surveillance solution that would allow real-time monitoring of all its dealership installations and, at the same time, record the activity of each location and provide image logs of showrooms, service garages, vehicle garages, and parts storage areas. In addition, the solution needed to offer an excellent cost-benefit ratio, be easy to use and maintain, and not overburden staff with security-related tasks.


After several meetings and a thorough analysis of the customer’s specific needs, ADSL Sistemas, a digital monitoring and security solutions company, proposed an attractively priced solution that incorporated the best available technology, met the customer’s operational requirements, and was easy to use. A total of more than 50 AXIS M1011 and AXIS M1054 Network Cameras were installed using Netcámara software and an IP camera management platform that relayed recordings to a Netcámara central video server, allowing the customer to view any camera online and easily review any stored recording.


The solution implemented has proved to be extremely useful to Espasa, since it allows the company to have a record of the entry and exit of vehicles and parts, as well as to verify any claims made by customers. The cameras installed in restricted areas, which are equipped with magnetic locks that can be released from any PC to allow access, has increased the effectiveness of the company’s alarm system by 100%.

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