AVILON car dealer - safety and security at the ultimate level

Erano BS and Axis provide the highest safety level for AVILON car dealer

“Our new video surveillance solution offers great business advantages, including supervision of manager activities and their relations with clients, visitors counting, heat mapping for better car allocation and no ‘bottle necks’.“ Igor Yankevich, Deputy Director, IT Group, AVILON car dealer.


The video surveillance solution for AVILON Car Dealership Group had to meet the following requirements: surveillance for lobby (with detection of vandalism and robbery), 24/7 surveillance for parking lots, surveillance for the repair bay, and recording of incidents in format suitable for crime evidence and government authorities.


According to the above mentioned customer requirements, the video surveillance system required megapixel IP cameras offering not only highly detailed images, but also meeting usability requirements. For indoor surveillance in showrooms, service & repair bay and acceptance and pre-sale preparation rooms, AXIS P3344, AXIS P1344 and AXIS 215 PTZ Network Cameras were selected. For outdoor surveillance, AXIS P3344-VE Network Cameras were chosen. As planned, they had to be flush-mounted to the ceiling or installed using mounting brackets and adapters to building corners, walls and poles.


After implementing the new video surveillance system, AVILON related that robbery and incidents of vandalism were significantly reduced, and claims regarding car technical maintenance were reduced as well. As a result, the implementation appears to be mutually profitable. In the future, the customer plans to further expand the video surveillance system by installing additional cameras in new facilities that are currently under construction: new car showrooms and a new parking lot.

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