Axis IP cameras validate vehicles on Argentine toll roads

Autovía del Mar has succeeded in automating the identification of license plates at its toll plazas

“At first we were a little skeptical regarding recognition rates and processing speed after everything was integrated into the toll collection system; we even thought that cars might have to stop for the system to recognize and authorize them. But the numbers show us that the recognition rates are excellent, and users can go through the plazas without stopping, just as if there was a free-flow type system in place.“ Claudio Reynaga, Autovía del Mar S.A. System Administrator.


In July 2011, a new concession was created for 647 km of highway linking Routes 2, 11, 63, 56, and 74. Within this corridor there are 4 tollbooths: Samborombón, La Huella, Gral Madariaga, and Mar Chiquita. The Concession Agreement stipulates that users residing within a 10 km radius of a toll plaza are exempt from tolls, and there is a different rate for those who live in certain parts of the coast. About 16,000 vehicles fall under these conditions, and therefore AUMAR needed to implement a control system that would allow it to validate passing vehicles to ensure the proper assignment of this benefit.


The Telectrónica systems integrator chose to recommend the use of LPR (license plate recognition via artificial vision) technology designed by Neurallabs to identify the vehicles qualifying for exemption or special rates. After several tests, the chosen solution was completed with AXIS M1113 Network Cameras, with image control and shutter control software. Initially eight sets were installed: four at the La Huella toll plaza, two at the Madariaga plaza, and two at the Mar Chiquita plaza.


With the implementation of LPR technology and Axis IP cameras, AUMAR succeeded in automating vehicle identification for most residents within the zone in question, and the system achieved an extremely high recognition rate. Furthermore, the solution allowed the concessionaire to improve both its auditing processes and security thanks to photos and video data captured by the Axis cameras.

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