Axis keeps a watchful eye over The Jungle

With a family-friendly reputation to maintain, Castleford Tigers RLFC decided to install network video surveillance from Axis to help deter inappropriate crowd behavior

“The AXIS Q1755 is perfect for our needs as it is an extremely robust camera that provides exceptional image quality regardless of the weather or the lighting conditions on match day. We’re extremely confident that having network video surveillance in place will act as a deterrent in itself.“ Richard Wright, CEO, Castleford Tigers.


Following an unfortunate incident during a tense match with a rival team, Castleford Tigers Rugby League Football Club decided it needed to review its current and future safety requirements. The club is extremely proud of its family-friendly atmosphere and its well-behaved fans and wanted to take steps to ensure that it maintained this reputation. The club decided to deploy network video surveillance to monitor the behavior of fans and consulted local security installer White Rose Security (WRS) to recommend a solution that could not only stand up to harsh weather and low light conditions, but which would also offer excellent image quality.


WRS recommended that Castleford Tigers deploy the AXIS Q1755 Network Camera, an ideal solution for securing areas where clear images and greater detail are required. This allows the club to clearly identify the perpetrators of any bad behavior and deal with it accordingly. It is the ideal camera for an outdoor-based solution as it provides high-quality images even in extremes of light and dark and adverse weather.


The camera was installed high up in the stadium to ensure that it was out of reach of spectators and that the view was not obscured. On match days, the AXIS Q1755 now keeps an active eye on the crowd and in the event of an incident the club can monitor the coverage stored on the network to identify exactly what has taken place and who was responsible. Visitors to ‘The Jungle’ are well aware that network video surveillance is in place and this helps to discourage bad behavior from those few fans who can occasionally try to spoil it for the well-behaved majority and enables the club to take firm action against the troublemakers.

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