IP video surveillance for customer security

Switch to network cameras adds value to video surveillance solution

“The selected Axis cameras have allowed us to offer a first-rate solution, in terms of both price and quality. The client immediately noticed the difference in performance between the digital equipment in the new restaurant and the analog systems installed at the chain’s other locations. Achieving this excellent result has further consolidated our partnership with Axis.“ Stefano Sardella, Sales Manager - Kinetic Solutions Srl.


For many years now, Milan’s Wu Taiyo restaurants have set a benchmark for quality oriental cuisine and have been the places to go to enjoy exquisitely presented Japanese and Chinese food in this city. To date, all of the Wu Taiyo group’s impeccably designed restaurants had been equipped with analog video surveillance systems. However, these systems no longer meet the growing needs of the owners, who opted to install digital equipment in the new restaurant to be opened in Viale Monza.


The system designed for the new Wu Taiyu restaurant by Axis partner Kinetic Solutions employs 12 AXIS M3005-V HDTV mini-dome cameras dedicated to interior surveillance and 2 compact HD quality AXIS M1114-E Network Cameras with progressive scanning capacity that cover exterior areas, all cameras having HDTV performance. Video stream management is handled by Milestone Xprotect® Express software, an open platform IP video management software that features a simple, guided setup procedure. A local server takes care of storage.


This solution provides extremely reliable and discreet video surveillance that ensures the safety of both the premises and customers with hardware that is perfectly integrated into the refined atmosphere of the restaurant’s large central dining space and two secondary spaces, where lighting effects are part of the interior design.

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