Crime prevention and surveillance at Las Aves Residential and Golf Resort with Axis network video

Axis IP surveillance and monitoring system improves security in one of the most exclusive Mexican residential clusters

“I was skeptical of video surveillance technology because of what I´ve used in the past [analog CCTV]. Today my perception has completely changed because, with the Axis IP video system, we have implemented a very efficient solution with better control, security and, best of all, more accurate images.“ Eng. Pedro de Jesus Salazar, CEO Las Aves Residential and Golf Resort.


Las Aves Residential and Golf Resort’s CEO Jesus Salazar manages one of the most exclusive residential complexes in the northern part of Mexico. He needed a surveillance system that could meet the community’s requirements of high quality video, flexibility, scalability, easy management and, most importantly, give the residents peace of mind. Their existing analog system was not doing the job.


Salazar and Mexico-based integrator Servicios Monterrey Telecomunicaciones searched for the best video surveillance system for the community. They found that a robust system based on IP technology would meet their requirements. A second revision of the project determined critical places and high risk areas of the facility, which resulted in the installation of Alvarion Wireless Base Stations to cover 29 acres and provide remote access to manage 13 AXIS Q6032-E PTZ Dome and nine AXIS P1343-E Network Cameras running on the AXIS Camera Station software platform.


Axis network video offers superior image quality compared to Las Aves’ old analog system, was easier to install and provided more sophisticated applications. Motion detection is also an important feature to monitor the complex with limited security staff. Cameras located in the main entrance allow for remote control so Las Aves security and management staff can monitor activity in the parking, main access and common areas from the gate security station. If Las Aves has the need to expand the system or reposition cameras because of a specific incident, it is now much easier with IP.

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