Troch Group chooses video surveillance in its fight against shrinkage

Equipped with analog cameras connected to Axis video encoders, the Group analyzes images of its twenty point of sales locations from its headquarters

“We like the performance of the network video surveillance system, because we can consult the video sequences from wherever we are. Thanks to this mobility, we’ve eliminated geographic limitations and no longer need to travel long distances.“ Yves Troch, Troch Group General Manager.


Troch Group, headquartered in Poitiers, France, is a family business that has been growing for the past 25 years and now has 20 locations throughout Western France (Saint Malo, Rennes, Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, etc.) retailing high-end, ready-to-wear men’s clothing. Faced with an outbreak of inventory and cashier-related shrinkage, the Group decided to equip all of its points of sales locations with video surveillance systems to record transactions and incidents, in order to seek compensation through legal channels when necessary. The system also needed to enable centralized management of the images from all of the Troch Group locations.


After being contacted by Troch Group, proposed leasing an economical system using analog cameras connected to Axis video encoders to allow for centralized remote video management.


In addition to the dissuasive effect caused by the cameras, the images from the 20 store locations can be analyzed at the Troch Group headquarters and then sent to the local police department when an incident occurs. Since the system was installed, one person has already been arrested for bank card fraud. The Group’s general manager, Mr. Troch, is convinced of the system’s effectiveness.

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