Conestoga College updates outdated CCTV system with Axis IP video

New surveillance system at multi-campus college enhances safety and efficiency

“We offer so many different types of educational programs that, from a security perspective, we must go from an academic setting to a machine shop to an industrial setting. IP technology allows us to put cameras where the old analog system couldn’t reach. And the ROI has been immediate: the resolution is amazing and the new system has been a huge and obvious improvement.“ Don Willis, Director of Safety and Security Services, Conestoga College.


Conestoga College is a large and growing post-secondary institution in Kitchener, Ontario, spanning five main campuses and numerous satellite locations. This dynamic and modern institution, however, was relying on a mismatched and outdated video surveillance system, much of it old and antiquated analog equipment. The college needed to implement a modern digital system that could cover the buildings, parking lots and grounds, providing high-quality forensic and real-time video surveillance.


The college selected Bulldog Fire and Security, an Axis Communications partner since Bulldog’s founding in 2000, for system design and installation. Following an audit by Bulldog and Conestoga, a hybrid model was adopted: existing analog cameras are digitized into custom-built hybrid servers, while new installations—such as at parking lots, new buildings and outdoor areas—employ all IP cameras. Thus far, more than 100 HDTV-quality Axis networks cameras have been installed, and the entire system is controlled by exacqVision VMS Software.


Conestoga has seen dramatic improvements in video quality and incident searches. This alows it to aid law enforcement officials in ways it could not before and dramatically reduces the time security personnel devote to examining video. Forensic searches that previously consumed hours are now conducted in minutes, and Conestoga security has implemented entire emergency training procedures around the new system. Also, areas that were unreachable by analog cameras, such as green spaces and parking lots, now have full coverage. The system is now featured in orientation tours for prospective students and their parents.

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