Axis network cameras monitor the Municipality of Berazategui

“There’s no question that Axis was the right choice for us, because it’s a first-class brand offering excellent quality and a secure warranty. In addition, it was endorsed by Conectia, which advised us at all times.“ Fernando Sarlangue, Director of IT Infrastructure and Communications, Department of Economic Affairs and Finance, Municipality of Berazategui.


Berazategui is a city in the south of Greater Buenos Aires and the hub of the municipality of the same name. In recent years, it has launched a series of technology rollouts, the first stage of which involved installing a wireless connectivity network to interconnect its 25 police precincts. Once this work was complete, the project to implement street-level video surveillance was started. This was placed under the responsibility of the IT Director and the supervisor of the Urban Control division. This new division was established to provide support to residents using public highways, assisting them with neighborhood complaints, conflict resolution and traffic accidents, among other concerns. Urban Control remains in permanent contact with the police and fire departments to provide backup in their day-to-day work. For this reason, the video surveillance system to be implemented had to be modern, responsive and flexible, so as to be able to adapt to case-specific requirements.


Based on various meetings with the customer to identify the specific needs, it was proposed that the best option would be to implement IP cameras, specifically the AXIS 233D Network Camera in conjunction with Milestone XProtect® software. All of the cameras are operated from the Monitoring Center and run on the Motorola Canopy telecommunications platform. Berazategui is the first municipality to launch a complete urban surveillance system since the Argentinian government announced the Citizens’ Security Plan, which is subsidizing these projects. The success of this implementation means the municipality will be viewed as a model to be replicated in other cities. In addition, a pilot study was conducted in which the municipality’s Secretary for Culture and Education organized the “Berazategui Rock Marathon 2009”. The aim of the pilot study was to have 435 live bands play 159 hours of uninterrupted rock music and land a place in the Guinness Book of Records. The event was held in the Sports, Culture and Recreation Activities Center of the municipality, and involved the installation of 5 Axis network cameras to monitor the venue’s security.


The municipality is now able to monitor, view, and store images captured by each and every camera located at different sites within its territory. The control center is able to access the images in live or recorded format, and use them for two purposes: to support the police and fire departments in taking action against incidents in the streets, and secondly, to convert the footage into evidence to enable the District Attorney’s office to identify the perpetrators of offenses.

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