Stopping theft at the supermarket

Axis network video monitors the Superconti supermarkets of Terni

“IP video surveillance is a new solution for us and for our supermarkets. We wanted to try installing network cameras in the two new stores, and we’re also considering implementing them in the other 36 stores, because we believe that, besides security and safety, they can provide valuable assistance in loss prevention and the identification of shoplifters.“ Massimiliano Conti, Marketing Manager of Superconti.


The Department Stores Superconti SpA, on the initiative of the Conti family in business since 1903, opened its first supermarket in the city of Terni in 1960, and currently has 38 operating units in shopping malls, department stores and supermarkets. The management of Superconti Department Stores wanted to implement a high-quality video surveillance system to reduce theft and shoplifting.


Superconti Department Stores entrusted the design and implementation of video surveillance for two new stores in Terni to the company Elettrica 2005, which had already managed the operations of the company for several years. Terni’s System Integrator is a new and reliable structure dedicated to continuous research into new technologies in the industry, so as to better meet their customers’ needs.


Elettrica 2005 managed to meet the security needs of the Superconti stores by using an Axis IP-based video surveillance system comprised of 95 network cameras of different models to meet specific needs, and installed in a 4,500 square-meter area.

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