IP video surveillance, an effective anti-shrinkage solution for pharmacies

Echassons Pharmacy drastically reduces its shrinkage using Axis cameras

“Having video evidence is extremely persuasive — most times, we don’t even have to call the police.“ Nicolas Confaits, pharmacist, Echassons Pharmacy.


Echassons Pharmacy, located in a very busy shopping mall in Longpont-sur-Orge, France, suffered from extremely high shrinkage. A €20,000 inventory shortfall spurred the owner, Mr. Confaits, to install video surveillance cameras to help locate and eliminate the causes of the shrinkage.


Vidéoconsult, an Axis Solution Gold Partner specializing in shopping centers, met Mr. Confaits’ needs by installing 4 AXIS 207MW megapixel network cameras to monitor the pharmacy’s sales floor. A software solution was added to the installation to allow the pharmacist to analyze events afterward when one or more products disappear off the shelves.


Shrinkage was found to be mostly the fault of regular customers. Since the cameras make identification possible, it was then easy for Mr. Confaits to recover shoplifted products or call the police if the people caught on camera refused to return the stolen merchandise. Since installing his IP video surveillance system, Mr. Confaits’ shrinkage has dropped to almost zero. The system also paid for itself in just 3 months.

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