WestCord Hotel Delft ensures security with Axis cameras

Network cameras provide high-quality video images and motion detection

“With the camera installation we want to protect this hotel as well as possible and consequently guarantee the safety of guests and workers. Thanks to the extensive installation, we can accurately monitor the hotel and its surroundings, and subsequently have the evidence to solve problems.“ Edo Garretsen, General Manager of WestCord Hotel Delft.


The WestCord Hotel in Delft wanted to increase the safety of co-workers and guests by monitoring the area with network cameras. This way, they would be able, now and in the future, to prove or even prevent issues such as theft, break-ins, collisions and other undesirable practices.


The hotel chose a full scale Axis IP video surveillance solution. Thanks to superior image quality, motion detection, day and night functionality, and extensive possibilities for managing and storing camera images, the hotel can guarantee the desired level of security.


Both management as well as the workers of the WestCord Hotel are enthusiastic about the camera installation. The footage has solved various crimes and the cameras also increase the feeling of security, particularly with the personnel that work night-shifts.

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