Axis network cameras make Salò’s public parking a safe place.

“Prior to completing the installation of the network cameras, we suffered from acts of vandalism, as well as graffiti on the walls of the parking lot: since the cameras were activated, we have not experienced any similar episodes.“ Mariano Pasquazzo, Site Director of Salò’s Public Parking.


Salò’s recently built Public Parking Garage has seven levels of parking spread over a vast area in the heart of Salò, Italy. The parking garage provides parking for 500 cars distributed over three underground levels, one ground level and three aboveground levels; the complex is divided into two areas with two separate entrances: the parking area for the general public and the monthly reserved permit parking area. In order to offer increased security, C.B.T., the company contracted for the City of Salò’s parking and the adjacent museum, decided to install a video surveillance system inside the area, connected to a central control room, ensuring optimal care for customers and their vehicles.


Salò’s Public Parking sought the experience of P.A. Integrated Systems, a security services company that invests a significant portion of its resources in researching improved systems for video surveillance, and provides consultancy in IT and software solutions. To meet the needs of this client, P.A. Integrated Systems installed 61 network cameras supplied by Axis Communications, and the N@video software from Essai Srl to manage the system.


The ability to monitor what is happening on every floor and in every corner of the parking lot in real time, and to play back events recorded during the night or at times when there are no guards on duty, has proven to be extremely valuable to meet the needs of Salò’s Public Parking.

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