Busan establishes state-of-the-art urban environment and tourism service with wireless infrastructure and Axis network cameras

“By introducing the network camera surveillance system based on Firetide’s wireless mesh solution, we could complete one part of Busan’s U-City Project. I am satisfied with Axis’ products because of their excellent image quality and performance suitable for our cutting-edge ubiquitous city.“ Busan City Hall official.


In 2005, Busan launched the “Busan U-City Project“, designed to reinforce the quality of citizens’ life and competitiveness of the city, revitalize the local economy, and lay down the foundation for new cutting-edge IT industries with the construction of a high-tech city. As part of the project, Busan established a cutting-edge wireless infrastructure using the wireless mesh of Firetide all over the city, and introduced various solutions in major tourist attractions to provide differentiated service. In some major tourist attractions including Haeundae Beach, Busan also wanted to install network cameras to further improve services.

Solution and result

Busan installed AXIS 214 PTZ Network Cameras after carefully examining image quality, scalability and compatibility. The cameras have enabled Busan to provide faster service in connection with the existing missing child search system, real-time tour guide, and environmental information. Thanks to their excellent scalability and compatibility, the Axis network cameras could be easily integrated with the existing infrastructure and already open a path for future service extensions.

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