Axis helps Stafford Hospital save 56% in installation costs by upgrading its CCTV system to IP-Surveillance

Stafford General Hospital selected Axis Communications for the provision of network cameras and video servers in order to extend and update its surveillance system. The selection of a networked surveillance solution rather than a traditional analogue-based Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system saved the hospital more than £42,000* in installation costs alone. A total of five Axis video servers have been deployed to enable 14 existing analogue cameras to be attached to the network. In addition, seven new Axis network cameras have been deployed across the campus so far. The decision to upgrade from a CCTV-based security system to IP was made in discussion with network installer Plexnet. Plexnet estimated that extending the CCTV system to include new buildings within the hospital’s campus would have cost some £45,000* more than networking the new surveillance equipment through the existing 1GB Ethernet cabling and established 11 MB wireless links to outlying buildings. Stafford Hospital installed a 1 GB backbone with two Cisco 6500 core switches linked by 2 GB connection. Twenty Cisco edge switches support Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) for 2,500 regular hospital staff. All this equipment was installed two years ago as the hospital geared up for central NHS IT initiatives such as Integrated CareRecords Service (ICRS) and the establishment of Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS), all designed to digitise patient records for easier and more cost efficient storage and distribution of patient records via computer. Stafford Hospital's security is managed within its 30-strong Portering and Security Services Department which uses DV Networks' discover e systemto view and store images taken from the 21 cameras now deployed in the main hospital building and Technology Park based a kilometre away from the main building. An additional 19 cameras will be deployed as the hospital’s surveillance system is extended across its car parks next month. Dominic Bruning, managing director, Axis Communications (UK) Limited, explained:"Stafford is a great example of IP being selected over CCTV to utilise existing network infrastructure. The savings at the installation stage are significant and are escalating as the project is extended. IP surveillance also offers Stafford the ability to better manage recording, storage and movement of MJPEG images from the system to the police when incidents occur."  * Estimated cost of internal and external cabling for the planned CCTV upgrade was £75,302 as against actual installation costs before security equipment of £33,000 producing a saving of £42,302. The saving of 56 per cent is calculated by taking £42,302 divided by £75,302. Plexnet is the source for these figures.

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IP surveillance installation delivers 56% saving over traditional analogue CCTV at Stafford General