Guararapes Airport introduces runway monitoring

Model for monitoring landings and take-offs with wireless transmission of images has already been reproduced by other airports of the Infraero network

“The importance of this system is that, faced with any risk situation on the runway, it is possible to assess whether there is a defect in the infrastructure.“ Carlos Eduardo Almeida, manager of airport safety at Guararapes International Airport.


Infraero is a national state-owned company which controls 67 airports in all 26 states and is responsible for approximately 97% of regular air transport movement in Brazil. One of the principal challenges for the network is the holding of major sports events, such as the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016. Bearing these factors in mind, Infraero issued a recommendation for the airports on the network to implement an exclusive monitoring and recording system for landings and take-offs.


The objective was to monitor the runways 24 hours a day and review any interference during the flight, such as foreign objects taken in by the turbines or if the airplane’s normal conduct was changed. The first to follow the recommendation was Guararapes International Airport in Recife. The project was implemented by S3 – Security Solutions Systems, Axis’ partner in the region. S3 installed eight AXIS 221 Network Cameras, covering 3,000 meters of runway, plus 300 meters unregistered.


According to Carlos Eduardo Almeida, manager of airport safety at Guararapes International Airport, the system allows all landings, taxiing and take-offs to be recorded in high resolution images. “Depending on the timetable, it is even possible to identify the aircraft’s code,” says Almeida, “Even at night, we manage to fulfill our requirement,” he guarantees.

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