Axis at the service of the Acerra incinerator

Axis cameras enable surveillance of important waste disposal site in Naples province

“The depth of knowledge and expertise which comes with Axis cameras left us in no doubt as to the most appropriate solution for the plant.“ Teresa Presutto, Program Manager at I.R.T.E.T. Srl.


The incinerator at Acerra is a waste-to-energy plant built in 2009 in the Province of Naples, Italy, with the aim of solving the so-called “garbage crisis” in the Campania area, which has received widespread attention from the media, partly due to the presence of the Italian army, who were brought in to monitor the site. In order to bring an end to military control of this area, Partenope Ambiente chose to install a video surveillance system.


The 34 Axis network cameras were installed at key points, such as pedestrian walkways and vehicle routes, allowing for strategic, timely monitoring of activity and ensuring high image quality without affecting bandwidth capacity. The management software allows delivery of objects and waste to the storage site to be monitored, along with the license plates of the vehicles moving within the vicinity of the incinerator.


The solution adopted has allowed the site to establish an extremely reliable video surveillance system, with equipment which is advanced both in terms of quality and technology, and which is able to meet the security standards required by the company. Efficient monitoring of the external perimeter of the site and excellent hardware and software integration combine to ensure that tampering, unauthorized access and dangerous situations near the site are discouraged and avoided.

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