Compact Axis network camera ensures effective management of Combi Mart

“Thanks to the network camera, which is as small as a mobile phone but has more functions, I can manage the store effectively with little effort. I will install additional network cameras in the future.“ Owner of Combi Mart.


Located in Yeouido-dong, Seoul, Combi Mart is a small store selling daily necessities, foods, snacks, etc. Combi Mart had installed analog CCTV a few years ago to secure and manage the store. However, the installed CCTV system quickly posed major challenges due to performance issues related to recording and image quality – the recorded images could be hardly utilized due to their low quality. Besides, images could not be viewed instantly from anywhere, which caused serious problems as prompt reaction to unexpected situations in the store was not possible. “I was always anxious whenever I left my store because of the possible unexpected situations that could occur,” said the owner of Combi Mart.


To address the problems of low quality and performance of analog CCTV, Combi Mart replaced the existing camera with the AXIS M1031-W Network Camera, a compact and economical camera specially designed for small stores. Despite its small size, the camera offers outstanding image quality as well as intelligent functions. The AXIS M1031-W Network Camera can indeed communicate while recording images. It can deliver the sounds in the store to the manager and broadcast the voice of the camera manager in the store at a long distance. The camera can also speak by itself through artificial intelligence. In daytime, the network camera welcomes visitors to the store automatically by saying, “Welcome to Combi Mart.” At night, it threatens thieves by saying, ‘Freeze, you are on camera.”


The camera, by offering crystal-clear images, provides Combi Mart with the ideal tool for effective store management. Installing the AXIS M1031-W Network Camera was much easier than the analog CCTV system, as it only required connection to the IP network. As a result, Combi Mart was able to install the new camera on the day the existing CCTV was removed. With the network camera delivering clear and high-quality images in real time, the owner can watch the store from anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection. “Store management has become easier because I can detect and deal with unexpected situations promptly such as conflict between a customer and a working student or acts of violence committed by a person under the influence of alcohol,” he explained. In addition, the real-time, high-quality images produced by the network camera support the actual utilization of recorded images. As a result, the owner can not only manage general affairs without visiting the store but also check the cleanliness and stock remotely. With the network camera, Combi Mart also increased security at night and theft prevention.

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