Axis network cameras in MK2 stores

MK2 chose Axis IP cameras to provide 24-hour surveillance of the MK2 Bibliotheque Concept Store

“The company chose Axis Communications IP video, as it offers numerous advantages when compared to analog video. In fact, the MK2 Bibliotheque store, located within the MK2 Bibliotheque, required small cameras that could be placed in discreet locations. The external Ethernet feed offered by this type of video particularly appealed to us.“ Olivier Meimoun, IT Manager at MK2.


MK2 was founded in 1974 and is now the largest independent French group working in all areas of cinema (production, distribution, running theaters). Its 11 Paris theaters include the MK2 Bibliotheque multiplex at the MK2 Bibliotheque store in the 13th district of Paris. This space is considered a true cultural center dedicated to the seventh art. It features an original and designer Concept Store right at the heart of the complex, open year-round. Fine delicatessen produce, high-tech accessories, fashion, books and DVDs stand side by side within clean, modern architecture.


In order to monitor the premises and ensure proper management of activities, the management expressed the desire to have a video surveillance system installed. The objective was twofold: on the one hand, the equipment had to enable management of customers flows entering and leaving during store hours and, on the other hand, the system had to guarantee the security of the premises at night.


To achieve this, the company wanted to benefit from the very best video surveillance, including HDTV images, remote viewing and high-quality reproduction of recordings. The full package had to respect the architecture and the premises, with discreet equipment capable of covering a large area, and also guarantee quick and discreet installation so as not to disrupt activities.

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