Remote monitoring of power plants and security with Axis PTZ network cameras

"The numerous configuration options that Axis' cameras offer are certainly important to me; I think it is amazing that, when needing some specific tool to verify something, the IP camera already has it," says Emmanuel Lázaro Pérez, Norvento Operation and Maintenance.


Founded in 1981, Norvento Enerxia is a business group focusing on promoting, building and exploiting renewable power facilities. Norvento was looking for a system that would allow them to see power plant operation in real time, to remotely monitor operational processes, as well as ensure the facilities’ perimeter security.


Norvento contacted Proxima Systems, whose product, Puma Industrial, met perfectly their requirements. Puma Industrial is a modular and adaptable solution based on AXIS 213 PTZ Network Cameras, which provides monitoring, telemetry, video surveillance, and access control.


In their Lugo offices, Norvento set up a 24-hour control center, where operators are able to monitor what happens in each of their client’s facilities. The cameras play a crucial role, for example on a wind farm, when performing outdoor maneuvers and having to visually identify that the maneuver has been successfully completed.

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