Axis HDTV network cameras ensure efficient surveillance for the Shanghai ATP1000 Masters

“The Axis IP surveillance system offers high definition and provides much higher image quality than the analog surveillance system. When someone accesses the area, they can be easily identified, which is convenient for managing authorized entry.“ Mr. Wu, Security Manager, Shanghai JiuShi Sporting Event Management Co., Ltd.


ATP1000 Masters is among the world’s top men’s tennis tournaments similar to the four Grand Slam tournaments, and is a series of new master tournaments held in China. The tournament attracts many world-class tennis players, which also poses a higher security requirement on the organizers. In order to ensure smooth operation of the master tournament and prevent incidents, the organizer Shanghai JiuShi Sporting Event Management Co.,Ltd wanted to set up an IP-based video surveillance system that would deliver high-definition video images.


ATP1000 Masters will be held in Qizhong Tennis Center located in Minxing District, Shanghai. In this center, two auxiliary tennis courts and many training courts have been built specifically for the tournament. An analog surveillance system was already implemented in the tennis center, but it was unable to offer highdefinition video to meet the requirement for face identification. The organizer selected HDTV network cameras from Axis Communications to meet the requirement for high image detail and quality. In addition, surveillance points are distributed in each court in the tennis center, so it is complicated to send the video signal from each camera to the security center. By using Axis network cameras, which transmit digital signals, the existing network cabling system within the court can be fully utilized, thus guaranteeing much convenience and flexibility. The AXIS Q1755 Network Camera provides high-definition image quality in resolution up to 1920×1080 in full frame rate 30/25, and they are installed at important entrances and exits of each court, in the player rest area and VIP aisle to monitor the people entering and leaving these areas.


AXIS Q1755 utilizes efficient H.264 compression technology to improve the video compression ratio significantly, and considerably reduce the bandwidth consumed for transmitting the video and the storage space required for recording the video. The security operator can view images in real-time and access the recorded video via the network from a standard computer, which makes video surveillance management efficient and convenient. In this project, another major challenge was that all video surveillance points are geographically distributed in the main sports, auxiliary and training venues, so the key to the system design was how to connect the video from the front-end cameras to the security center. The Axis network video surveillance solution take full advantage of the existing cabling resources and IP network , so that all video feeds are easily transmitted and managed centrally from the security center.

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