Axis solution implemented in new terminals of Vnukovo Airport

More than 2,000 Axis network cameras enhance video surveillance in Moscow’s famous airport

Airport security and safety cannot be ensured without installation of an intelligent security system. One such system was installed for the “A” and “Cargo” terminals. The integrated digital video surveillance system based on Axis equipment ensures 24/7 surveillance and guarantees the highest security and safety for our passengers.“ Dmitry Shmakov, Head of Vnukovo Airport Security Department.


Installation of a highly reliable video surveillance system was needed to ensure a high level of security and process monitoring for the passenger and cargo terminals of Vnukovo airport in Moscow. The total area of both terminals is 327,000 square meters.


As the Department of Aviation Security was interested in improving counter-terrorism protection, preventing thefts, monitoring production processes and bringing up airport safety and security to a higher level, EcoProg, an Axis partner, successfully created an integrated system, which essentially relied on video surveillance system comprised of 2,100 Axis IP cameras. The project of IT-infrastructure of the “A” passenger terminal of Vnukovo airport, offered by EcoProg, was recognized by Global CIO as the best “Improving IT-infrastructure” solution. Since 2004, EcoProg has operated as an engineering contractor for Vnukovo airport, and works on creating projects and building engineering communications infrastructure. The Axis solution was selected due to the following evident advantages: image scaling capability and high resolution; widest portfolio on the market; high performance and reliability of the equipment; and the open standard support needed to create infrastructure for highly complex applications.


The result was effective detection of potential incidents or unattended cargos; prevention and assistance in crime investigations or damage of valuable property/cargo; secured zone access control and surveillance; and the monitoring of production and manufacturing processes, as well highly dangerous machines.

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