Axis IP cameras guard public events at Florian Krygier Municipal Stadium in Szczecin

Axis network cameras move security of mass events held at Szczecin stadium to a higher level

Since September 2012, Florian Krygier Municipal Stadium in Szczecin has constant supervision in the form of modern and sophisticated video surveillance. Installing and running Axis IP cameras with modern high speed domes has allowed us to provide optimum performance for observing stadium areas in real time. We have implemented a consistent system for recording and archiving of video and audio. The IP cameras meet the revised technical requirements for the organization of mass events.“ Waldemar Gill, director, MOSRiR Szczecin.


The main task of MOSRiR in Szczecin, Poland, is management and maintenance of sports and recreation throughout the city. These inviting facilities are ideally suited to the requirements, and are frequently visited by amateurs participating in different forms of physical activity. MOSRiR cares about creating the right environment for rest and relaxation as well as practicing selected sports. The venue provides a sports and recreational base to sports clubs and associations, physical culture and tourism organizations, foundations, sports and professional organizations, schools, colleges, workplaces and individuals. An undoubted advantage is access to services related to physical rehabilitation, physical therapy and wellness services, which nowadays is becoming a very important and fashionable element of a healthy lifestyle.


Axis partner, mvb, dealing with broadly defined electronic security systems and installations suggested to the customer a solution based on modern Axis IP cameras. mvb developed and launched a continuous monitoring system consisting of high speed domes, fixed cameras equipped with directional microphones and supervisory, registration and protection position. Modern dome cameras offer the possibility of endless 360 degrees pan at a speed of 100 degrees per second. Signal wiring, control and power to the cameras on the court were laid in existing ducts which were upgraded for the new system needs. For cameras to be installed in new locations, a new infrastructure was built. Video surveillance covers all points from the ticket counters to the gates, doors, roads for emergency services, evacuation routes, parking areas, and seating sections for the fans up to the pitch itself. Result The stadium is currently supervised in accordance with the regulation of the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration on how to register mass events. It gives a professional support tool not only to MOSRiR employees but also police and law enforcement officials. Guaranteed safety of visitors depends on the continuous monitoring of each critical area. Moreover, if the operator detects a suspicious incident in any area or in the passageways they can immediately inform the police which significantly helps in the prevention of and quick response to incidents.

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