Ceará Government deploys Axis camera surveillance in prisons

Increased efficiency and optimized productivity with video surveillance solution at prison

The surveillance via CCTV allows Sejus to daily monitor the units, benefiting intelligence and security actions, preventing possible escape attempts or other anomalies in the prison system; for this, the Axis products offer us an effective solution for monitoring images and audio with high quality.“ Mário Jorge, responsible for the project at SEJUS – Department of Justice.


In order to deploy a video surveillance solution for remotely controlling much of the prison system in the state of Ceará, Brazil, the Department of Justice and Citizenship of the State of Ceará (Sejus-CE), created an IP surveillance video central in Fortaleza, at its headquarters, which added high quality images, remote management and access to real-time images. Currently, a central room monitors the main state prisons, including the Temporary Detention Installations 2, 3 and 4 in Itaitinga, the State Jails in the cities of Crato, Jati and Sobral and the Pacatuba State Prison.


A new model of video surveillance was implemented by the integrator Imagem Segurança at the headquarters of Sejus to promote greater security to the state prison system and, at the same time, maximize the department technology teamwork. The system is composed of the surveillance station and more than 500 cameras installed in prisons, having distance monitoring 24 hours a day. From the portfolio of manufacturer Axis Communications, the following models were installed for internal and external environments: AXIS 233D, AXIS 211M, AXIS 215 PTZ-E, AXIS M1011, AXIS Q6032-E, AXIS M1054, AXIS P1344-E and AXIS P5534-E. The Axis solution was complemented by the video management software chosen from ISS, which allows recording preconfigured images and alarms.


The project has added a number of benefits to Sejus. Among the main ones are highlighted: centralization of video control of the state prison security system; optimizing the productivity of the IT staff; real-time control of prisons; high quality images and system of visual and audible alarms, enabling preventive work in relation to escapes and rebellions.

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