Axis cameras employed in outboard monitoring system of ships sailing Japan’s domestic waters

Axis network camera contributes to accurate understanding of operation conditions

Damage that arises due to operating trouble is immeasurable. When we consider emergencies that may occur, it is well worth investing in a system that employs such high quality images.“ Keisuke Makita, AShip Corporation representative.


Ships specialized for sea routes which link ports in Japan (coastal vessels) transport one third or over 330 million tons of the total amount of domestic freight, a huge volume of goods. More than 5,400 coastal vessels navigate Japan’s coast day and night. Information such as current location, course and speed of the ships being navigated is constantly obtained and understood via a system called an automatic identification system (AIS). By adding images to this system, the condition of ships and their routes can be more accurately understood. Ships have a total length of dozens of meters, and high-level zoom performance is required of a camera which must accurately check conditions of the area of operation, conditions of loading/unloading and other work situations, and conditions at departure and arrival time.


At AIS Live Japan LLP, which provides an AIS service for coastal vessels, an image transmission service that employs network cameras and uses a mobile network linking the coast and the ship was started in March 2011, in cooperation with Marine Japan.


After the introduction of the Axis network camera, the following results were gained.
  • Current weather conditions can be checked visually by managers on shore as well as onboard
  • Freight loading and unloading can now also be monitored and issues are dealt with more appropriately
  • People responsible for management see the same images as those at the operation site, so discrepancies in understanding of events are eliminated
  • In situations which require specialized knowledge, specialist staff will be able to make decisions and give instructions more appropriately

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