Paving the way to network surveillance

Smithtown Highway Department guards municipal gas pumps and road equipment with Axis network cameras

“With our Axis network cameras monitoring activity, we’re better able to detect and deter criminal activity and address safety issues in the Smithtown Highway Department yard.“ Chief John Valentine, Director Smithtown Department of Public Safety. New York.


The Smithtown Department of Public Safety needed more up-to-date surveillance technology to better monitor the vast expanse of its Highway Department yard. Public Safety’s Request for Proposal asked vendors to recommend a security system that would serve as a high profile deterrent to theft and negligence. The system needed to provide sufficient image clarity to help officials apprehend violators and address safety issues. And it had to be easy for non-technical staff to use.


A+ Technology Solutions, a Bay Shore, NY-based security integration firm and Axis partner, designed and installed a surveillance solution that integrated a dozen Axis network cameras that wirelessly transmit images to the yard’s administrative building. The video is then sent over a virtual private network to the Department of Public Safety’s Communications Center where staff can remotely manipulate the cameras, monitor activity live as well as review archive footage through an intuitive video management system from IPVideo Corporation. The yard foreman can also view specific network cameras trained on the gas pumps, yard entrances and exits, as well as the main building. This configuration gives the Department of Public Safety overarching control of the municipal facility, while giving onsite staff the tools to observe and react quickly to incidents as they unfold.


Smithtown’s Department of Public Safety now monitors yard personnel and vehicles around-the-clock. Officers can quickly and easily identify vehicles and individual faces because the high-resolution images maintain their clarity even while zooming in for a close-up view. The surveillance system has encouraged truckers and yard personnel to driving more slowly through the yard and approaching the gas pumps more carefully.

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