Pacatuba State Prison adopts IP platform

State-of-the-art security surveillance system with Axis network cameras

The main advantages of this design are the simple way to operate the system and the seamless integration of the entire security project: the network cameras with access control solutions, the face recognition software, etc.“ Mário Jorge, responsible for the project at SEJUS – Department of Justice.


With a mission to house about 500 prisoners sentenced to closed regime, the Francisco Helio Viana de Araújo State Prison, in Pacatuba, Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza, needed an extremely robust security system. Through funds from the Ministry of Justice and Treasury of the State of Ceará, a modern security platform was implemented with the latest equipment which includes everything from Axis network cameras and motion detection features, access control and much more.


The experience of the integrator Imagem Segurança in the segment of network video and the niche of prison security was critical to the success of this project. The prison is a pioneer in the implementation of an integrated security solution - bringing IP video surveillance system with network cameras, a feature that detects motion and face recognition software and access control solution. The project includes 180 Axis network cameras, largely HDTV with high definition images. Regarding the models of equipment, the prison has 30 AXIS P1344 Network Cameras which offer HDTV video quality, four AXIS P5534, six AXIS M1054 and the remainder are AXIS M1011. Imagem Segurança appointed specific camera models for every need (internal or external environment, day and night, etc.), always taking into consideration the high image quality, access to information in real-time, scalable design and maximizing the work of the IT staff.


Axis network cameras provide high quality images, ease of system management and greater comfort for the security team due to the alarm features that eliminate the need for attention to the screens all the time. The network cameras monitor the internal and external perimeters and the movement between points of collective facilities. Plus, in order to enhance the security of the network cameras themselves, steel boxes were installed on some models to combat vandalism.

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