Catholic Church opens hotel in Aparecida with Axis cameras

First hotel video surveillance project by integrator Sillis with Axis support

The network video system also helps us control the quality of work of the teams that are part of the workforce.“ Engineer Alfonso Aurin, Technology Consultant for the Church.


Brazil is considered the largest country in the world in number of Catholics. Over 60% of the population declare themselves as Catholics, and most of them keep to tradition. One of the traditions still cultivated today is the pilgrimage to Aparecida do Norte, a town in the state of São Paulo, where the second largest Catholic church in the world is located. About 10 million pilgrims visit Aparecida every year, and there was a strong demand for suitable - and safe - accommodation for all these people.


Rainha do Brasil Hotel was built to meet this demand. The administration chose an IP video surveillance system throughout its 15 floors, for which were installed 106 Axis network cameras, managed by the Digifort manufacturer software, an Axis partner. The project included HDTV cameras with WDR and day/night functionality.


Besides ensuring the safety of the guests, the project began to work as a management tool, allowing for the quality control of the service delivered by the teams of workers. At other times, the system also allowed for identification of responsibility in incidents, making conflict resolution easier.

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