Getxo's Town Hall

Getxo's Town Hall integrates network video with the new Municipal Control Center.

“Our internal assessment of the cameras was very satisfactory. We know that this is high-quality equipment regarding the finishing, interface and coding with multiple available options that are necessary under certain circumstances.“ Julio Ortiz de Zarate, Telecommunications Engineering, member of the Computer Science Department, Getxo’s Town Hall.


The town of Getxo (province of Biscay, Spain), recently undertook renovation of its video surveillance system. The municipality required the interconnection of various scattered systems, the incorporation of new cameras and their centralization in the newly-built Control Center of the Local Police’s offices.


Sumenor Security and Control Systems, an integrator and Axis partner, developed an integrated IP-based solution using Axis PTZ and fixed dome network cameras. The new installation was first launched to monitor the Ereaga's cable-car, including the access areas, ticket sales and transit zones.


The state-of-the-art technology of Getxo’s new local police station greatly facilitates police surveillance work and emergency response. In the control center which operates 24 hours a day, three officers control the 70 cameras in the system, the power-on and power-down of the cable-car and the mechanical ramps.

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