Medellin adopts the Axis video surveillance system

Strengthening the fight against crime with modernization and migration from analog to digital

“Video compression is essential not only when optimizing storage resources, but also for their transmission over any type of network, especially when the platform implemented in the project for urban security in Medellin is almost entirely wireless. Axis, with its hardware, guarantees these basic requirements when speaking of IP video solutions.“ Felipe Zabala, Engineer at Grupo Unión.


Medellin has an area of 382 km2 of which 110.9 km2 are urban areas, its population density is 16,083 inhabitants/km2, its height above sea level is 1,550 meters, and has a total of 16 communes, 249 districts and 5 subdivisions, with a population of approximately 2.2 million people. Since 1996, Medellin has had a video surveillance system that, in 2010, had a total of 222 analog AutoDome cameras installed in strategic locations in the city. Each camera had two information channels - video and control - that were transmitted by analog signal to and from the monitoring center of the Single Number for Safety and Emergency services - NUSE 123, whether by telephone and/or fiber optics. To strengthen security, the Ministry of the Interior and Justice has been leading the establishment of the Integrated Systems of Security and Emergency - SIES, within which is the Single Number for Security and Emergency - NUSE 123 is a constitutive part of this initiative to be the means by which they can improve citizen solidarity and governance, as it is in the most expeditious mechanism for citizens to access the State’s response.


After a lengthy market investigation conducted by the ESU Alliance - Union Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers in consultation, sales and installation of IP CCTV systems, defined criteria for the technology needed to migrate the existing video surveillance system in the Municipality of Medellin, towards better technology such as digital.


The solution permitted the optimization of the resources, increased the timeliness of services provided to citizens in emergency and security situations, strengthened the fight against crime and supported justice, using technological, administrative, operational and training tools.

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