City of Junin monitored by Axis

With the IP video surveillance system, the municipality achieves greater identification of offenders and support for investigators

“It should be noted that the facts are recorded from the beginning and that the work done from the Monitoring Center, along with the Police Communications Center, shows that the central axes of the work are the prevention and deterrence of crimes.“ Victor Knappe, Secretary for Security of the Municipality of Junín.


The Municipality of Junin, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, had a need to incorporate a video surveillance system that would allow it to prevent and combat criminal acts, in order to provide greater security for citizens. At the same time, the solution needed to cover the entire map of crime and comply with recommendations set out by the Ministry of Justice and Security.


After analyzing the place and its needs, Conectia Wireless concluded that it was best to implement a video surveillance system with Axis IP cameras to allow the Ministry of Justice and Security to expand the number of cameras in the future and achieve the best image quality. In the first stage, 30 AXIS Q6032-E Network Cameras were installed, and then, due to their success, the city decided to add 10 more. AXIS Q6032-E proved to have the best price-quality on the market and had been successfully tested in other municipalities.


With the Axis IP video surveillance network, the city of Junín increased its security level, reducing incidents and quickly solving incidents such as theft and accidents. The images obtained with Axis cameras became an additional deterrent to complement other security systems and the system allows for recalling the file with the images recorded as evidence in investigations. In addition, the images are viewed from a monitoring center that is controlled by civilians in the municipality in conjunction with police officers, in coordination with the 911 emergency center.

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