Greater service and better security at Mapuche Country Club

IP video surveillance system from Axis and Camaras Overnet

“The main benefit we have obtained is that security personnel can count on a totally innovative tool in the field of a security and video system available 24 hours a day, achieving greater service and better security for the country club.“ Ariel Salvetti, Camaras Overnet.


Mapuche Country Club, founded in 1971, with over 40 years of experience, is one of the strongest and most prestigious ventures of Pilar, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It has an excellent infrastructure that supports strong socio-cultural activity and sporting with houses, a multipurpose room, a golf course, tennis courts, and a soccer field. With its large surface area and intense sporting, social and cultural activities, the club found it necessary to install a modern, agile and flexible video surveillance system.


Camaras Overnet executed the project and proposed a solution using Axis IP video products, with both fixed and dome cameras. The video management software is provided by Netcamara SE, also an Axis partner. In every sector of the country club, a prior study was conducted in order to determine the points to monitor, and analyze the current network and infrastructure needed to achieve these objectives. After the study, they moved on to the implementation and kickoff phase of the proposed solution, and training sessions were conducted on using the solution. The project began in early 2010, and new equipment is currently being incorporated into the system.


The client can now control, monitor and store the images from the cameras in every one of the sectors. Camaras Overnet suggested the architecture of the solution to be installed centrally (several locations are managed from a single central operating point). In any case, from the center, live and recorded images from any camera can be accessed, providing the system with a large capacity for monitoring. Currently the level of security in the country club has increased considerably, which is reflected in higher quality of life.

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