24/7 security with Axis video surveillance solutions

Higher productivity and increased service at Flechabus

“In the Axis cameras, we find a product with remarkable nobility that has allowed us to achieve our goals. The quality of the images obtained is higher than any other. The level of detail gives us the task of monitoring and control. We are really happy with the results obtained. Also, the support that both Axis and ADSL Sistemas provide to us is excellent.“ Leandro Neuss, Flechabus Systems Analyst.


Flechabus is a medium and long distance domestic passenger transport company with 50 years in the market. Their most important ticket office is located in the Retiro Bus Terminal in Buenos Aires. Due to the large number of people circulating inside it and the increase in crime in the area, they became aware of the need to monitor the premises to prevent theft and to have full control of the company’s facilities within the terminal. For this reason, the video surveillance system to be implemented had to be modern, responsive and flexible, so as to be able to adapt to the client’s requirements.


After several meetings with the client to identify their needs, ADSL Sistemsas decided the best option was to implement Axis IP cameras. The AXIS 206 Network Camera was chosen. 15 units were installed along with the ADSL Sistemas Netcamara 1.5 software. Following the successful implementation, they proceeded to replicate this model in different strategic points of the company: Retiro Warehouse, located in the federal capital: 48 AXIS 206 and 4 AXIS 210 Network Cameras. Barracas Warehouse, located in the federal capital: 14 AXIS 206 Network Cameras installed. Paraná warehouse, located in the province of Entre Rios, where 14 AXIS 206 Network Cameras were installed, and the ticketing office of the province of Tucumán, with 8 AXIS 206 Network Cameras.


The client is now able to control, monitor and store the images captured by each and every camera located at different sites within its territory. The architecture of the solution has been implemented in a decentralized manner (each site makes its own recordings). Also, the live or recorded images may be accessed from headquarters, using the remote supervision function. Currently, the security level in each of the strategic points has increased considerably. In addition, employees have a greater sense of being protected and safe, which is reflected in higher labor productivity and better passenger service.

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