Safer ship travel with Axis network cameras

Fire on board resulted in a new level of safety on Hurtigruten’s vessels

“When we develop new solutions for a customer, we never consider only the price. The solution is what is important.“ Idar Flø, CEO of i Norwegian Centre of Maritime Communication AS.


Hurtigruten is a traditional ferry service for the transportation of goods and passengers between Bergen and Kirkenes in Norway. More than 230,000 passengers sail on one of Hurtigruten’s vessels every year. On September 15, 2011 a disaster occurred. On one of Hurtigruten’s vessels, MS Nordlys, an explosive fire broke out in the engine room and the passengers and crew were safely evacuated from the vessel. In connection with the renovation of MS Nordlys, it was decided to replace parts of the communication system and infrastructure. Some systems were obsolete and new technology was installed. The consultancy firm NCMC AS was engaged to ensure that the solutions installed were identical to the standard that the company had chosen and that NCMC AS was developing.


The old infrastructure on board the MS Nordlys was based on an analog matrix that was completely destroyed in the fire. When the new telephone cables were laid, a modern new IP network was also installed. This allowed the old analog cameras on board to be replaced with the latest in IP camera technology: Axis network cameras. 23 Axis cameras were installed, along with Milestone XProtect® Professional video management software. The surveillance system was thus integrated with the rest of the infrastructure and MS Nordlys got a state-of-the-art surveillance system that enhances the safety and security of the passengers and crew, as well as improved communication on board the vessel.


Several essential functions on board the vessel use and benefit from the surveillance system. Reception, the shop, unloading /loading, landing, the car deck, bridge and engine room all represent tasks for the crew, who gain enhanced safety as a result of the cameras. The cameras in the engine room help the engineers on board make sure everything is in order and provide additional safety for the crew in the engine room as their colleagues can warn them in time when incidents occur. The camera up on the mast also provides additional safety and allows the head of the engine room to see the color of the smoke.

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