Creating a safe and modern five-star hotel

Axis helps Huabei Hotel develop intelligent IP video surveillance system

“Since the start of operations, Axis products are stable in their functions and performance, the video images are clear and the after-sales services are up to standards.“ Huabei Hotel staff member.


Huabei Hotel is a 5-star business and conference hotel that offers various services including lodging, conference venues, restaurants and entertainment under one roof. It has a total area of 64,766 m2 and 15 stories. It is equipped with 15 high-end conference rooms catered for different types of conferences and other entertainment services. The hotel wished to build a high-definition video surveillance system for both the indoor and outdoor public areas. The system needed HD real-time display to bring a direct view of the sites through surveillance and planned control implemented at critical areas and locations.


The entire system was designed as a distributed system with an architecture that combines surveillance and storage. All 250 IP cameras used are 720P HDTV IP cameras. Effective surveillance along the hotel’s corridors and other long and narrow areas normally requires coverage to be as wide as possible and yet be able to clearly identify faces at the same time. To fulfill these requirements, Axis network cameras with 9:16 aspect ratio Corridor Format are employed.


Effective surveillance of the hotel’s daily operations, property and the work performance and attitudes of staff are achieved through Axis IP video surveillance system. It has a significant deterrent effect on crime and theft prevention. The embedded intelligent analytics design and open architecture bring excellent flexibility and expandability to the entire system, meeting the current and future needs of the 5-star-rated hotel.

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