Building an intelligent airport in Donetsk, together with Axis

Axis IP cameras help make A Class airport security system more effective and safe

“Thanks to the video surveillance system based on Axis cameras, Donetsk International Airport can duly and to a good quality satisfy needs of its passengers and employees. Now reliability and efficiency indicators exceed similar indicators of the leading airport terminal complexes.” V. M. Shinkarenko, Deputy Director General on Aviation Security, Donetsk S. S. Prokofiev International Airport


At the turn of the 21st century, Donetsk, Ukraine, faced the question of building a strategic aviation facility in the Eastern Europe able to accept all types of aircrafts and to provide high quality service. The local authorities made the decision to realize large-scale reconstruction of Donetsk Airport which became an object of strategic importance within the frame of preparation to UEFA EURO-2012 in the Donetsk region. Main objectives set before the modern system of monitoring were as follows: operative surveillance over protected area, buildings and premises, use of access control with the system, possibility of video feed from cameras to computer monitors of the authorized employees via local network as well as Internet, and full personal identification under ISO/IEC 19794-5:2005 Standard.


Installation of the video surveillance system was entrusted to the system integrator, DICS. After thorough investigation of the security video surveillance market, DICS specialists decided to realize this system based on Axis cameras meeting all requirements of the project and efficiently interacting with the Milestone XProtect® software. IQ Trading - the official distributor of Axis Communications and Milestone Systems in Ukraine was a supplier of equipment and software for this project. About 600 Axis network cameras were installed to cover the airport, as well as around the perimeter.


The installation of the security system based on Axis cameras provided Donetsk Airport with a modern and qualitative system satisfying all requirements of the A Class airport. Donetsk Airport can easily set up the security system depending on its current needs, getting access to more and more detailed information, which allows control and answers to questions as they arise.

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