Axis network cameras for remote forest fire monitoring

Formoza uses Axis cameras installed on cell phone towers in Lesohranitel Project

“The forest fire monitoring system has met all our expectations. We plan to cover all the territory of the Novgorod Region in the future. At present the system covers only 15% of the forestry. Appropriate provisions have already been made in the budget for the following year.“ Oleg Anatolyevich Verenikin, the Chairman of the Committee on Forest Management and Forest Industry of the Novgorod Region.


Remote monitoring system Lesohranitel is intended for detection of forest fires at early stages. The main functions of the systems are visual fire detection and automatic fire alarm, determination of location, area, nearest fire fighting forces and means, secure access to the system from any location in the world and from any device without installation of special software.


High-quality AXIS Q6032-E Network Cameras were chosen for implementation of this project. These cameras have unique technical features: all-round view, 35x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom, wide range of operating temperatures (from -40°); tilt of up to 20° above horizon for a total tilt range of 220° enabling better views over uneven terrain. AXIS Q6032-E supports auto-tracking which allows moving object detection and tracking. Excellent image quality is provided by day/night functionality, progressive scan, 128x extra-wide dynamic range and D1 resolution. H.264 compression format allows optimum bandwidth and storage use without compromising image quality.


8 Axis network cameras have been installed on antenna towers in the south-eastern part of the Novgorod Region for forest monitoring purposes. All the cameras are connected to an integrated monitoring system Lesohranitel. Control over this system is maintained in the center of the round-the-clock monitoring service of the Committee on Forest Management and Forest Industry of the Novgorod Region. This system allows real-time monitoring of the situation in the forest complex and immediate deployment of technical and human resources in case of fire. Results of an analysis of the information obtained from the camera are used for determination of the fire location; exact coordinates and area are plotted on the map of the Novgorod Region and appropriate services are immediately informed for prompt fire suppression.

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