State-of-the-art technology to protect an ancient tradition of ceramics

Mazzacane Collection closely monitored by Axis IP cameras

Thanks to the support received from Axis in choosing the cameras, we have managed to identify a solution that has allowed a swift and painless transition from our previous video surveillance system to the new one, with an incomparable guarantee of efficiency and quality.“ Fausto Iarrobino, General Manager at Eureka S.r.l.


The Museum is a collection of ceramic artifacts that are witness to the long history of majolica in this place. Located in the rooms of the Palazzo S. Antonio, the former convent that now houses the Town Hall, it has also become the depository of the collection of the heirs of historian Vincenzo Mazzacane. It includes a video surveillance system necessary to protect the priceless value of the new exhibits.


The system chosen features network cameras of a size and design that fit perfectly into the architectural context without being obtrusive. Axis was able to limit setup tasks to a minimum thanks to the PoE power supply, which provides remote monitoring and de-localized storage as a further guarantee of safety. The built-in IR illumination also allows the cameras to work at night with the footage changing from color to B/W.


The solution is discreet and incredibly reliable, and neither disturbs visitors nor the overall aesthetics of the building. Besides PC monitoring, the footage filmed is broadcast at the entrance on a 32” screen, a deterrent to ill-intentioned visitors. Control of the cameras is simple and intuitive thanks to the AXIS Camera Companion interface.

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