A safer Jingjiang City helped by Axis Communications

Jingjiang’s Project “3.20” Traffic Block Port surveillance system uses Axis network video solutions

Axis high definition cameras produce images of high quality at low bit rate, which greatly enhances monitoring efficiency“ Management official of Jingjiang Public Security Bureau.


The levels and complexities of crimes are increasing; often fuelled by improved living standards and access to high tech and intelligent resources. Jingjiang City has introduced Project “3.20” to combat crime occurring at all levels within Jingjiang City and Taizhou City. Measures are already in place such as HD smart block ports and auxiliary video surveillance. The security processes can integrate with other areas such as traffic management, criminal investigation and patrolling by providing images from public security bureau.


Axis partnered with Shanghai Ziya Information Technology Co., Ltd to provide 200 AXIS P1343 HD network video cameras installed at block ports and 500 AXIS Q1604 used for car plate recognitions for Project “3.20.” The cities get real-time monitoring, vehicle images, alarm notices, record and store traffic data from using block port surveillance and high-speed control systems. The solution uses both IP-based network interface and other interfaces. This makes it easier to connect between computers and surveillance points.


Jingjiang Public Security Bureau now has a robust “Jingjiang 320 Road Surveillance” in place enabling the officials gather human images, logging of phone information; access to crime evidence and have insight into the intelligence behind crimes. The traditional route of case handling is now information-driven as Project “3.20” can get insight on people and transport choices, which gives efficiency in criminal investigations. The monitoring system has helped to make Jingjiang City safer.

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