Axis network video system improves safety and management efficiency at car parks

Network cameras and NVR improve image quality and enable integrated video management at multiple locations

"High-quality images, remote monitoring and high search efficiency are some of the major benefits from introducing the network cameras." - Onuki official.


Founded in 1936, Onuki manages real estate in the Kyushu region, especially in Fukuoka City. Among other business enterprises, Onuki operates automatic multistory car parks in the central district of Fukuoka City as well as other areas. As use of its car parks is charged by the hour, several hundred vehicles come and go every day. Although analog security cameras were already installed in the car parks, their low-quality images and deteriorating equipment were creating issues such as the need for improved management quality and a review over the system with a special focus on safety.


Two of the car parks in question were in buildings specially designed for car parking only. Each has a control office manned by a security guard, but the company also needed to monitor the car parks remotely from the head office. Another requirement was to capture high-quality images that could identify license plate numbers, which was very difficult with the existing analog cameras. To meet such requirements, Onuki chose the combination of “AIR-EYE”, a remote video recording server system supplied by NSX, and Axis network cameras. The new system consists of a total of 49 network cameras: four AXIS 221 Day & Night Network Cameras and 45 AXIS 211 Network Cameras. It also has two servers to record video that can be monitored from the control offices and the main office.


Remote monitoring and replay of recorded video, which was impossible before, now allow the company to grasp the state of both sites quickly and accurately. The highquality images, which have been significantly improved compared to those taken by the analog cameras, are useful in checking vehicles, people and license plates. Furthermore, video search can be done much faster now by using motion search (based on motion detection) and specifying a time, not to mention hugely enhanced usability.

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