Optimized surveillance in state-of-the-art glass processing plant

Axis network cameras monitor safety and security of new manufacturing facility

We looked for the best network video solution for our newly built modern manufacturing plant with respect to both safety and security. Axis cameras help us to operate in a safe and secure environment.“ Ottó Garai, IT and Facility Director.


The growth of the Szilánk Group is a Hungarian business success story. The company, which has 20 years of history, built one of the most modern glass processing plants in East Central Europe near the town of Szeged, in Szatymaz. The project also received EU funding. Parallel to this, the company also changed its name in line with their international expansion strategy and became CE Glass in April 2012. The security and safety of the new facility, as well as the surveillance of the modern production lines and processes were a key issue for the management, so a decision was made to install an up-to-date video surveillance system.


The solution was developed by the Axis partner BGLNET Kft, long-time security systems supplier of CE Glass, taking into account the characteristics of the location, the security risks and the special needs of the client related to the surveillance of health and safety and technological processes. Accordingly, various fixed Axis network cameras were selected, based on what model and resolution were needed to meet the requirements in the particular areas. Therefore, a variety of cameras with SVGA, 720p, and1080p HDTV resolution are used in the system. At critical places, for example, the surveillance of technological processes, as well as dispatch and delivery points, cameras with a larger resolution were installed. A fiber optic ring connects the cameras into a network across the system, in which two Netavis network recorders provide continuous 24/7 recording with efficient H.264 compression and 20TB storage capacity. Two permanent surveillance stations were established and the images of the cameras can be viewed at two additional places.


The sizeable new facility of CE Glass is located in a remote, non-residential area. Protecting the valuable technologies, raw materials and finished products stored here requires considerable human resources.

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